Why (Some) Comedic Actors Are Great At Drama

Traits of great actors include both pure ability and the ability to transform into a plethora of diverse roles. While there are plenty of actors frequently associated with performing more dramatic roles like Daniel Day-Lewis or Judy Dench, traditionally comedic actors have often stepped into more serious roles and performed amazingly well. Why are comedic actors often successful when leaving their familiar surroundings?

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Contest Time: MoviePass Death Block Pool

With the downward spiral MoviePass is currently facing, it’s only a matter of time until the company folds completely. With this inevitability, we’re giving you the chance to win a FREE digital download for Avengers: Infinity War by entering our MoviePass Death Block Pool. Continue reading “Contest Time: MoviePass Death Block Pool”

In Memoriam: A Tribute To Jon Schnepp

Sadly, this past Thursday, July 20th, the beloved King of The Sweaties, Jon Schnepp passed away at the age of 51. Though Jon is gone, his legacy is sure to carry on through his work, his love, and his passion for all things in the nerd world.

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Should James Gunn Have Been Fired For His Disgusting Tweets?

In today’s day and age, numerous celebrities have had the proverbial hammer brought down on them for their public comments and social media posts. Should James Gunn have been fired by Disney for his comments?

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Are Fans Causing Problems In Hollywood?

From internet trolls to angry fan boys, the state of today’s movie-going and TV-watching public is larger and more diverse than ever before. With the ease of internet usage, are the fans and audiences for these projects causing too many problems for directors, producers, actors and studios?

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