Movie Trivia Schmoedown: Collider Collision II Recap

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown on the Collider Video YouTube channel has been a battle of both wills and movie trivia knowledge since it’s inception in 2014 on the Schmoes Know channel. Bigger and better that ever, let’s recap the Collider Collision II special.

Before we get into the actual matches, I wanted to give a back story with both my fandom of the game/league and of hosts & creators Mark Ellis & Kristian Harloff. I became a fan of the Schmoes Know Show back in 2011-2012 and have followed them ever since, as many other fans can also say. As the merger between Schmoes Know and Collider Video transitioned and the modern format you see now emerged, this great partnership served as one of my main inspirations for creating the podcast and all that we do on The Cinescape.

We had the absolute pleasure of having Kristian call in as a special guest on one of our past episodes and I got to meet Mark last year when he came to Philadelphia for a comedy show. Mark was even gracious enough to leave two free tickets for my wife and I to attend because he’s simply an awesome person.

With all of the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get into the incredible 5-match event that was the Collider Collision II.

Match #1: Janine “The Machine” vs. Stacy Howard vs. Marc Andreyko

This triple threat match had Mike Kalinowski’s name all over it, as the Viper Squad faced some potential inner-turmoil as the two members in Stacy Howard and Janine “The Machine” competed against “The Android” Marc Andreyko. A solid sign of solidarity was show as the Viper Squad was shown their share of love during entrances set against another unified faction in the Fyffe Club.

After eliminating Stacy Howard, Andreyko would only have to make it to his 3-point question in round 3 to hold off Janine “The Machine” and seemingly put to rest the beef between the two factions while also gaining a #1 contender match with rising star Ethan Erwin. Although both Stacy and Janine had strong showings, they both weren’t enough to take down Andreyko, prompting further bitching, whining and crying from faction leader Jay Washington.

Match #2: “The Demon” Alex Damon vs. Bruce Greene (Star Wars Championship)

Although Sam Witwer had been the reigning Star Wars champion, his acting obligations held him out of competition, prompting some shady backstage dealings as puppet commissioner Thad Williams was coerced into awarding Alex the belt. Alex would refuse the championship, instead issuing an open challenge, which was accepted by Bruce Greene. Alex had a very strong showing in both his previous matches with the latter a victory in a triple threat match with former champion Ken Napzok and Joseph Scrimshaw.

Bruce walked into an absolute buzzsaw in Alex Damon, losing by a score of 25-3, which has to be the most lopsided match in league history. Damon became the third champion in Schmoedown history with his dominating performance, although it seemed he didn’t really feel challenged, according to his post-match interview. Alex did issue a challenge to Sam Witwer for the belt at a later date.

Match #3: Dan Murrell vs. Andrew Ghai

Over the past few months, Team Action’s Andrew Ghai has been calling out former two-time champion Dan Murrell, making a mockery of his most recently at the latest Schmoedown live event. However, Murrell and the newly created faction of the Five Horseman, consisting of himself, for singles champion and team champion¬†John Rocha, former team champion Matt Knost, current Innergeekdom champion Jason Inman, and former singles champion Mark Reilly, appeared only to challenge Ghai to a match.

In different promos and post-match videos, Ghai seemed to be oozing with the typical confidence and swagger that he and teammate, Ben Bateman, typically do. Ghai’s gameplay and tactics seemed to be paying off during the match, as his annoying antics seemed to be messing with Murrell, who hadn’t competed in a match in nearly a year after losing the championship to Kristian Harloff last August.

After weathering the initial storm, Ghai eventually jumped out to a small lead, which helped carry him all the way to round 3 where Murrell was unable to answer his 5-point question. With the win and bragging rights, Andrew Ghai is now the third competitor to beat Murrell in singles play and the first to defeat him via TKO. Ghai promptly demanded a shot at the title, as Team Action in wont to do.

Match #4: Eric Zipper vs. Rachel Cushing (Innergeekdom)


Mike Kalinowski’s newly revamped Innergeekdom tournament continued, as Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing took on Eric “Super Zip” Zipper in an underwhelming match at the start of the second video of the Collider Collision II. Though the final score showed 19-14 in favor of Rachel, the match never felt as close as the scoreboard showed.

It’s evident that Eric has some deficiencies in categories of Star Wars, Star Trek and Middle Earth, as his main area of expertise lies in the comic book films realm. Kalinowski would boot former friend and teammate Johnny Loquasto out of the announcer’s area after Thad had given him a spot at the table, further showing the amount of sway he has over the commissioner. With no true brackets in this tournament, it’s anyone’s guess on who will wind up playing Jason Inman for the championship at a later date.

Match 5: The Patriots vs. Above The Line (30 Minute Iron Man Team Championship)

The main event was nothing short of amazing, as JTE & Jeff Sneider looked to reclaim the team titles from Drew McWeeny & Samm Levine, the only team to have defeated The Patriots previously. This final chapter in the Above The Line/Patriots trilogy saw both teams answering as many questions as possible in a 30-minute time span for all the marbles.

Though Above The Line had the better play during the first 10 to 15 minutes, The Patriots really started bringing the pressure around the halfway mark of the match, answering question after question to pull within a few points of the champs. However, a timeout by Above The Line and some missed questions during the final few minutes ultimately sunk The Patriots’ chances of championship redemption, as Above The Line came away with a 9-point win to retain the team titles.

An extremely fired up and emotional Drew McWeeny could be seen exclaiming his happiness at the win, which is certainly a side of Drew that we hadn’t been exposed to until now. Despite an incredible and well-fought match, however, the fun wasn’t over.

During the post-match interview with The Lion’s Den, Ken Napzok accused manager Tom Dagnino of some shady dealings, prompting Ken to quit the faction and in the process cause dissention within the ranks. Jeff Sneider, coming off of both this loss and a terrible showing in his previous singles match, had also had enough of Dagnino and left the Den. JTE, on the other hand, stuck by Dagnino’s side, possibly keeping the Lion’s Den faction alive in spirit, although it will now need some new members.

Behind The Scenes

As with previous specials like the Schmoedown Spectacular and the Ultimate Schmoedown, the second incarnation of the Collision had many moving parts to it in terms of some of the backstage antics taking place. Mark Reilly’s beloved Kal The Schmoe Dog was “dognapped”, prompting John Rocha to intimidate Thad Williams into finding him. After interrogating several people, Thad would come to find that Team Action’s Ben Bateman was behind the theft, as he would then be banned from Andrew’s side during his match with Dan Murrell.

Mike Kalinowski and his KOrruption continue to be a plague on the entire league. Whatever dirt he has on the commissioner has been enough to get the Innergeekdom tournament going in a way the serves Kalinowski. However, it seems there is more to the story as various competitors were also receiving the KOrruption envelopes that Thad had also been receiving. Does Kalinowski have dirt on nearly every player in this league? Or is he making some ingenious moves behind the scenes that could alter the very fabric of the Schmoedown? It’s certainly interesting to speculate on, but it does seem to be part of the reason The Lion’s Den broke up. Napzok and Dagnino had both receive the mystery envelopes, but without knowing exactly what they had printed on them, it’s impossible to tell at this point.

Final Thoughts

There are so many things to take away from both the match results and backstage occurrences. But what exactly happened at the end of the event? Thad would come out to drop an absolute bomb on the entire league, announcing a new team tournament with the theme of “anarchy”. Teams will be selected randomly and players will be forced to compete together regardless of their relationship to each other. Though the competitors were up in arms over the announcement, it will certainly make for entertaining matches and storylines.

What were some of your favorite matches and storylines from the Collision II? Did each match play out the way you thought they would? How do you see the future of the Schmoedown playing out? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.



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