An Update on The Cinescape Podcast

The Cinescape Podcast has been a passion that we’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into over the past two years. As we approach our second birthday, we wanted to give our fans an update on the show.

When Bill and I first stepped into the studio to record our first show back in September of 2016, we were immediately enamored with the whole process of putting a show together. Our first year was a learning process, as we had to figure out how our show would be structured, what kinds of topics would be discussed, how we would book special guests, and how we would fit everything into our own lives.

The end of our first year proved to be fruitful. Not only had we recorded 27 main show episodes, but we also started our trivia competition league, interviewed a number of special guests, attended various conventions and press screenings, and I even got to interview Hugh Jackman at the press junket for Logan. Through all of these accomplishments, one stood out in particular to both myself and my co-host, Bill: In less than a year, we had become the #1 show on our network, Toxic Radio.

Though the name Toxic Radio may not hold the same clout of other networks like PodcastOne or Midroll, their affiliation with Wildfire Radio added an element to the popularity of The Cinescape Podcast. Toxic Radio already had a number of well-established and long-running shows, but ours was able to quickly find an audience that rivaled that of the other shows on our network and even on Wildfire Radio. We were regularly ranking in the top 15 shows between the two networks and held the coveted #1 spot on Toxic Radio. That, in itself, is a testament to both the quality of The Cinescape Podcast and to all of our fans.

Bill & Dustin Diamond

Year two continued our success, seeing another 17 main show episodes, more special guests, more press screenings, and even a live show recorded at this year’s Philadelphia Podcast Festival. We were able to do so many fun things and spend so much time talking about all of the news topics that interested us while also expanding the Cinescape Trivia Challenge league to include even more fellow podcasters and show hosts in the area. The opportunity to meet and network with so many other great people in this space was very important to us.

However, after our live show at the Philly Podcast Festival, we haven’t been able to get back into the studio to record a new show. As it stands, our last studio appearance was back in May of 2018 when we reviewed Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story. There are a number of reasons for our hiatus that we feel should be explained, as you may be wondering why we haven’t released a new episode in over 2 months. So to give you all an update, I’ll highlight some of the obstacles we’ve been facing.

Me interviewing Hugh Jackman

Some of the most difficult things to take into account when recording shows are time and availability. Our normal studio time was at 5:00 PM/EST every other Saturday. With a 45-minute commute from home to the studio in southern New Jersey, the time constraint started becoming difficult for Bill and I to navigate. If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you may know that Bill and I have had a number of big changes in our own personal lives, especially over the past year.

In May of 2017 I got married and Bill was also married a few months later in October. Our new marriages and familial commitments automatically superseded that of recording our shows. Continuing with our changes, Bill recently purchased and moved into a brand new home and got a promotion at work. I was ecstatic to learn back in January that my wife was pregnant with our first child, whom is due on September 27th and I also got a new job, which has an insane schedule. I’m currently working two jobs at around 60 hours per week in preparation for the coming of my son. To put it simply, we were just having a hard time finding time to record.

Another major factor in our show’s hiatus comes from the fact that we’re currently without a studio. Unfortunately, the partnership between Toxic Radio and Wildfire Radio dissolved, leaving Bill and I to make the decision to either continue at Wildfire, record shows at our producer & friend’s house, or to find other alternatives. Knowing that our time availability had already changed drastically, we had a very difficult time committing to any of the options in front of us.

I can tell you that we are currently seeking an alternative space to record our shows. Whether it be in the form of a commercial or residential setting, we are committed to getting the show back on track in the near future once our own personal lives have settled down a bit. If we can find or create a space that is much closer to home for us, we won’t be so beholden to fitting the recording schedule of a studio nearly an hour away. We’ll have the freedom to record shows at times that are convenient for us. The only drawback would be that we’ll most likely have to purchase our own equipment, which can cost a small fortune.

There are numerous days where Bill and I text each other saying how much we miss recording shows and creating content for our fans. In the meantime, I’ve been trying my best to fill the void by writing different types of articles published right here on our website and trying to engage our fans and readers in another way besides through our Youtube channel or podcast feed. We still post regularly on our social media pages and engage with our followers on those platforms. But nothing compares to recording a show for people to listen to.

Now that we’ve cleared the air on what’s been going on behind the scenes, we hope that you continue to be patient in regards to waiting for new podcast and video content. We’re doing our best just to make it through each day in our own lives and understand that we have an obligation to bring you all new content, and we plan on resuming that as soon as possible. When The Cinescape Podcast does come back, it will look different (if you’re watching the video feed). A new studio space, new equipment, new technology, but the same 2 enthusiastic hosts.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our shows over the past 2 years and hope you continue to support us in our future endeavors. We’re chomping at the bit to get back behind the desk and talk movies & TV with you all. If you have any ideas for us in terms of equipment, studio spaces, or even want to donate whatever funds you can to us to help us get back on track, we want to hear from you. Thanks for being fans of ours, and we hope to bring you new shows very soon!


Sean Harrigan & Bill Tozzi, The Cinescape Podcast

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