About Us

Sean Harrigan

Over the past few years I’ve really gotten interested in the film and entertainment industry. I’ve always been a huge TV and film fan. As a child of the mid 80s/early 90s, I’ve always been immersed in all things super heroes, sci-fi, fantasy and so much more.

I began following various movie channels on YouTube. Most inspirationally were the crews at AMC/Collider & Schmoes Know.

As my interest in the area of blogging and making my own videos and YouTube channel grew, I got my creative juices flowing and finally got to work. Initially, I started my blog, “Harrigan’s Movie & TV Blog”, and as the readers came along, I recruited the help of my good buddy, Bill Tozzi. Together we began expanding our reach and eventually re-branded to “The Cinescape” back in March of 2016. We’re very active on social media and YouTube, so be sure to find usand subscribe!

The Cinescape Podcast has been so much fun to do so far, and things are only looking up. My hope is to grow a community of TV & film fans to have a place for discussions, debates and a sense of belonging. I also write for Screen Rant, check out my published articles here!

Bill Tozzi

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by the exciting adventures that stemmed from the box, which resembled so-called “rabbit ears.” I would emulate my favorite characters whether it is an Elite- trained Army Ranger of the A-Team or strapping on the powerfu proton packs of the Ghostbusters.

From my youth I was brought up on a healthy diet of movies and standup comedy. It was this foundation which has provided me with my love for films and original comedy works. One example of this would be watching In Living Color and Saturday Night Live in the 90s.

In retrospect; many of the performers of those shows have now gone on to established careers. I draw my inspiration from the versatile likes of Jim Carrey, Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman. And much like the tandem of Carson and McMahon, Tozzi and Harrigan, deliver as a dynamic duo through digital guise also known as The Cinescape (Podcast).